Value determination

The market calue (or market value) is the price that the property would most likely obtain on the market.

The market value of a property is determined by the price that would be obtained in the normal course of business on the valuation date in accordance with the legal conditions and actual properties, the other condition and the location of the property or other object of value determination without regard to unusual or personal circumstances.

For this purpose, the legislator prescribes certain value types and procedures by ImmoWertV (German ordinance on the valuation of property). On the one hand, the comparative value method pursuant to paragraph 15 ImmoWertV for comparable real estate (for example apartment building), real estate valuation paragraph 16 ImmoWertV for owner-occupied real estate, and the earnings capitalization method in accordance with paragraph 17 ImmoWertV for commercial and rental real estate.

In principle, our company will offer the seller an appraisal for an optimal selling price.

If such a determination is accepted and at the same time or subsequently a brokerage contract is concluded, this determination will be credited for the sale of the property fee of charge if the data is not handed over. Upon immediate delivery of the data to the seller, the seller´s already paid costs will be deducted from the brokerage contract and the sales commission paid. If the seller only requests a value calculation, but does not want to conclude a brokerage contract, the value determination data will be provided to him for consideration. Otherwise, only the real estate value is passed on, but not the calculated value data for further use.

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