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Are you looking for an adequate and above all reliable tenant for your property? We are pleased to take over this task for you. Get to know us in a non-binding conversation and do not hesitate to ask us questions!

Based on the digital online pricing policy, our Real Estate Agency offers you fixed prices for extensive rental marketing packages

Due to the ordering principle, many landlord customers have been lost to Real Estate Agents. In essence, the ordering principle, true to the name: *who ordered, must pay.* If a landlord commissions a real estate agent to mediate the property, he must also pay for the broker´s commission if the service is successful. However, this fee may also be higher, such as two net monthly rentals. Indeed, the rule also applies inversely if a tenant seeks the assistance of a real estate expert in the search for housing. If the agents fulfills his duties and has arranged for a adequate property, the brokerage fee is paid o the renter. This may not be higher than two net monthly rentals. The ordering principle was particularly hotly criticized by real estate and broker associations. The Immobilienverband Deutschland IVD (Real Estate Association Germany), an association of real estate agents, real estate consultants, administrators and other professional groups from the real estate industry fears that apartments are now increasingly awarded by hand. Also, the regulations would have a negative impact on the quality of placement, which would particularly affect the tenants. 

But also in the tenant community, the judgments were partly critical. In part, the consultancy costs are allocated tot the rental prices, which means that the tenants have to finally pay for the brokerage fees and in the long run even have more expenses than the occasional brokerage commission.

Our fixed prices for the marketing and brokerage of your property:

599,00 € including VAT to 1200,00 € net rent

1099,00 € including VAT to 2000,00 € net rent

1599,00 € including VAT from 2000,00 € net rent

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