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Are you looking for the perfect property for yourself, your family or the ideal location for your business premises to buy or rent?

You want to sell or rent your property to the right person and of course not under value? 

You are welcome to browse our website, get to know us and take a look at our online offers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or interest. We, as Real Estate Specialists, will advise and support you.

Christ Real Estate - Immobilienagentur

Our scope of services for private customers

No matter if you are looking for a property or want to market - we are your partner around the subject of real estate.

Our scope of services for business customers

If you are looking for the ideal location for your commercial premises or marketing your business property, we bring with you the necessary and correct know-how.

Get your tipster commission!

Recommend friends and relatives the sale of their house, flat or land through us and we pay you a recommendation of 10 percent of our brokerage commission by successfully completed sale.

Requirement is that the object was not known to us before. Moreover you are not a spouse or partner or live in the same household with the owner. Also, no other real estate agent is assigned. Please, keep the laws of competition and privacy of your and our country. 

Please note that personal data may only be passed on with the consent of the person concerned (§ 28 (3) Federal Data Protection Act) in Germany. The contact details of the potential seller and his intention to sell must therefore be communicated to us only with the consent of the person concerned. If the contact details are not to be passed on, but the seller of the property announces itself to your tip recommendation with us, it must be ensured that the seller knows the tipping bonus of the tipp-giver.

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